About Us!

Piso Institute is a certification, training, research and development organization that is committed in encouraging and supporting environmental protection and sustainability in societies through process integrated sustainability orientation schemes. Piso builds cooperation with different partners to foster its commitment to environmental protection and sustainability.

Our Customers

Our customers range from small, medium and large businesses to local, regional, national and international legal entity. Also, we support individual and group initiatives on environmental protection, energy management, occupational health and safety strategies.


Main Type of Customers

NGOs, Institutions, Consultants, Companies, Governments, Communities, Initiative Groups, Clubs/Associations, Management Companies, Developmental Aid Programs, Universities & Research Centres, International & Regional Developmental Banks, National, Regional & International Organisations

Customer Capacities

  •  A strong need of service force
  •  A strong need of management systems
  • A strong need to respect legal provisions
  • A strong need for research & development
  • A strong need for awareness on protection measures  
  •  A strong need for certification of management systems
  • A strong need to attain demanded & recommended measures             
  • A strong need for the protection of the environment, health & safety at workplace