Piso Certification is an integrated approach of environmental, energy, quality, occupational health and safety management systems for micro, small, medium size and big companies to document their business activities according to the scheme as a combined process from the start (Class 2 certification), to improving (class 1 certification) and up to continuous improvement (ISO level) levels. That is, it is a scheme that prepare companies to document their processes as an integrated scheme from the start to up to the ISO of the management systems.

Any company around world can decide freely to register and be certified according to the integrated management system. Companies participating in Piso-Certification paid registration fees. In addition, the Piso-Certification must be renewed with an annual renewal fee. Otherwise a re-registration. 35% of registration and annual extension fees are used to support environmental and public safety projects in associations and public services (20% to be used in the locality of the registered company). This is to support the Institute commitment towards a safe and sustainable world. The participating companies may also be recognized as part of the sponsor of the projects.

Piso-Certification is established in accordance with ISO 17021, which requires that an auditor of the management system must has training in accordance with the standard and has a technical background. Only professional members with Piso-Certification (accreditation of certificates/examination and training) are allowed to carry out the audit. Companies are awarded with the Piso-Certification (class 2, class 1 and ISO level). Piso-Certification’s logo can be used on products and services. The logo shows that the company offering the goods or services is Piso Certified (Piso Certified Cl.2, Piso Certified Cl.1, Piso Certified).

 Also, we create partnership in many regions for implementing the scheme in companies in the sector that the certification covers and foster local ownership and extend it to other sectors as well as for the continuous improvement. We are looking for regional representatives as partners for the Piso-Certification (contact: Piso Institute for the conditions).  More so, we are looking for marketing partners, who received a sustaianable 10% of the registration and yearly extention of the customer(companies) that they acquire. Therefore, our financial outcomes are being  contributed within the value chain based on involvement, to encourage a greater number of different participants in the Piso-Certification process that will lead to sustainability.

 The vision is to continually improve the integrated management system of the Piso-Certification based on changes in business processes and regulations as well as to extend it to other areas. We are looking to work with many companies in different sectors to extend the Piso-Certification to those areas.

 In addition, we are seeking further cooperation with software developers to implement the planned Piso-Software for Piso-Certification structure, which will facilitate the documentation and evaluation processes of the management system for companies and also support the auditing process.

The hand book about the guidelines of the Piso-Certification can be found in the internet as print or e-book version in English and German languages (it will soon be available in other languages). Also, it can be requested from Piso Institute (info@inst-piso.com).

 Print (English): Piso-Certification Hand Book of the Guidelines (ISBN: 978-3-746771-63-2)

E-Book (English): Guidelines Piso-Certification — Overview (ISBN: 9783742718815)