Socio-Ecological Tourism: Happiness, Leisure, Inspiration and Technology (SETLET)

Concept, Hypothesis and Target Groups

The increasing world population and scarcity of resources mean pressure on the environment leading to none healthy ways of living and different types of sicknesses requiring more awareness on environmental protection and sustainable consumption, especially for the socially excluded group of the population. Also, education/training on sustainable consumption and thinking in a relaxing practical environment with the socially excluded will support efforts towards sustainability and the fight against social exclusion. This has led us to establish our project on socio ecological tourism to support happiness, leisure, inspiration and technology within the society and to the socially excluded group of the population. The hypothesis is that when people are healthy and happy with appropriate leisure and sentiment, they are inspired to contribute towards a creative and sustainable society, which the socially excluded should not be left out. The target group is the socially excluded comprising of the old, children, disable, sick, single parents, the displaced and other interested groups.


  • To provide a relaxing integral education/training within a practical setting for awareness on sustainability that will encourage leisure and body/work balance for a healthy living.
  •  Socio-ecological inclusiveness for sustainable society, environmental protection and nature conservation.
  • Intergeneration learning and integration for a sustainable society

Outcomes of achieving the following societal impacts:

  1. Social inclusiveness
  2. Sustainable thinking and consumption
  3. Environmental and natural conservation
  4. Socio-ecological wellbeing within the community  

Main Activities

  • Workshop excursion camps on ecological sites, research and development
  • Provision of a socio-ecological wellbeing environment for networking and sentiment within an ecological setting
  • Video development and publication for educational purpose on environmental protection, sustainable consumption and healthy living
  • Presentation/Events/Music for an inspiring mindset comprising of socio-ecological aspects, debate on sustainable living and thinking, and body and work balance training activities as well as sport


Our vision is to start a pilot learning garden with facilities to support our concept of social inclusiveness, sustainable thinking and consumption, socio-ecological wellbeing within the community. This will provide an opportunity for those who cannot physically follow the workshop camps in typical natural environments to learn from our garden as well as relax and follow up our video productions and documents from different touristic sites. Therefore, learning from different conceptions and natural environments, one can be innovative to provide a facility that will attract an increasing number of our target groups. Furthermore, the facility will also provide the possibility for handicrafts and other physically able excluded groups to work in the facility.

Research Projects

  • Population Studies