Accredition Process of Training Courses

  •  Our training courses are evaluated by atleast two external evaluators


  •  We offer our training courses to institutions and universities for execution based on licences


  • Contact us for an interested course and we will provide you with the necessary information as well as cost of licence

  •  We provide either course content or full course materials (Class room, E-Learning, video-learning, virtual structure) and workplan

  •  After receiving the complete application (with application fee of 300 - 500 Euro), a registration form containing our quality criteria and standards for the training  course will be sent.

  •  We examined registration forms, we request for appropriate documents, then established the cost of the licence and engagement agreement, which we send for acknowledgement and signature.

  •  After receiving the require documents and the cost of Licence, we process them, which it will take a maximum of one month


  •  The training course licence is renewable yearly


Certification Training Courses:

1.  Waste Management

2.  Hazardous Material Management

3.  Environmental Management Systems

4.  Environment, Energy and Process Engineering

5.  Ecosystem Services and Biodiversity Management

6.  Environmental and Energy Modelling and Technologies

7.  Energy Economics and Energy Management Systems

8.  Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems

9.  Material, Project, Operational and Organizational Management

10. Integrated Management of Water, Sanitation and Drainage Systems

Advanced Diplomas:

  •  Energy Management and Technologies

  •  Biodiversity Economics and Management

  •  Environmental Management and Technologies


  • Occupational Health and Safety Management


  • Integrated Management System